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Bra size caculators~ Why you shouldn’t bother

Any woman who has ever worn a badly fitted bra has probably tried to find their “correct” bra size online through a calculator. She is probably as frustrated as the woman who tries to find her size online so she can order a bra, hoping it fits because she cannot try it on in stores.  …

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Containing the girls, what you need in a sports bra

I love boobs, really I do.  But noting irritates me more than a woman with badly contained boobs, especially during high impact activities. Improper containment for the girls can result in early sagging.  Yes you can get a lift to get back to perkier breasts, but that doesn’t fix all the damage to your breasts. …

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What’s with the boobies???

Whether you are a man or a woman boobs are a great thing. Men love them (on women) and women want them when they don’t have them.  When they are too big you want them smaller.  There are so many facets to boobs.  So what’s with the boobies? So I want to share my own …

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Bra myths and crazy ideas

Have you ever heard something and you just thought no way or you wanted to wave the BS flag?  It really amazes me how much crazy there is out there when it comes to bras.  I’d like to share a few of my personal favorites.  Feel free to share a few of yours in the …

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