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The Bra Band Project for 30 bands & below

Are you a 30 band or below? Do you have problems finding your bra size? Did you know that some big name companies think that your size either does not exist, that only a junior could wear your band size, or that there is no market for 30 bands and below? Well, please join us …

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Soma Intimates. My Fitting Experience

Over the weekend my husband and I went to Destin, Florida. Living in small town Alabama really limits the options for a bra fitting. I have not been to Soma before so it had to be worth a try.  Their bras range from a 32-44 A-DD, with some going to a DDD and a US …

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Freya Naomi Balcony bra~ Do I love you or hate you?

When I first saw this bra I wanted it badly.  I love the pink color with the black lace. I love the print.  It looks like checkers until you look up close. I love the little pink bows on the straps. So lets start with some basics of this bra. It’s a normal 28 band …

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You want to find my bra size how??

Being in the United States there is a major lag in places to go to get a good helpful bra fitting.  The things fitters do and the way they size amazes me.  There are actually stores that advertise “certified” bra fitters. How they heck do you become certified? Is there a professional organization that lends …

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Bra size caculators~ Why you shouldn’t bother

Any woman who has ever worn a badly fitted bra has probably tried to find their “correct” bra size online through a calculator. She is probably as frustrated as the woman who tries to find her size online so she can order a bra, hoping it fits because she cannot try it on in stores.  …

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Need bra karma? Donate your old bras!

I recently posted about the new year and going through your bras to replace what is worn with new. Because of that post I was contacted by The Clothing Library. The Clothing Library will take your items that you will no longer be wearing and redistribute them to those will will. They take donated bras …

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Cleo Lizzie, my first new bra of the year

My first new bra for the year is here. It is the Cleo Lizzie (a part of Panache).  Ordering online is always a trial and error thing, but when you wear an odd size it is a chance you have to take. Unfortunately for me it was a risk that did not quite work out. …

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New year = New bras!!

With most people the start of the new year means New Years resolutions.  I’m not going to that this year. Sure I have some things I want to work on, but they are all things that I had been working on already. I’m just making the effort to continue them and take things to the …

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Review: Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte

I wanted to post a review for one of my favorite bras.  I wanted to share the good, the bad, the strengths, the weaknesses. The Parfait line by Affinitas is a D-G cup range in bands ranging from a 30 to a 40. The bottoms run from XS to 2X. The line is designed in …

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Bra myths and crazy ideas

Have you ever heard something and you just thought no way or you wanted to wave the BS flag?  It really amazes me how much crazy there is out there when it comes to bras.  I’d like to share a few of my personal favorites.  Feel free to share a few of yours in the …

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