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Social media burn out

First off, happy 100th post!! Yay, I’m excited. But I owe you all an explanation. It’s been quiet around here. And it’s not that I don’t have things to write about, I do. I am a bit short on time, a place to photograph, but quite honestly none of those are the real problem. I’m …

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CHP Gazeta by Ewa Michalak

This is the bra that broke my heart. I should have known it wouldn’t work for me, but it was a set that I HAD to have. I should have known better. It went on to another lady, and I’m pretty sure it broke her heart too. Some people just were not a fan of …

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The Kewi bra, what??

The Kewi Bra is a new innovation by inventor and entrepreneur Muyiwa Olumide. It made waves in the lingerie community when the first bits of information came out. The size range of the bra jumped, bandsizes were added, and preorders accepted. Updates slowed down, everyone started wondering how things were going. Prototype images appeared on …

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Valentine’s Day Pick! Cleo Maddie in Candy Pink

Hey everyone! This is my first bra review of the year, the Cleo Maddie in Candy Pink. This is my bra pick for Valentine’s Day, with Cleo being my brand pick. There are a few reasons why, but mostly candy pink. Cleo has a few bras available in pink (Fall 2013’s Marcie), and this summer …

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I’m not making excuses, but….

I swear to you lovely readers, I’m not making excuses, but life has been crazy busy.  I like in a part of Alaska that is remote enough to be unfriendly for even mail ordering bras (it gets worse!) but has the basics covered. Life here has not been easy, and it has definitely impacted my …

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No one ever claimed to be perfect

As a blogger, posting my pictures on the internet, talking about bra fit, and talking about breast implants I have opened myself up to criticism. When is part of the deal, I get that. All blogger do. But let’s get things straight here, bloggers never claim to be perfect Why would we? Bloggers tend to …

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Gorgeous Strapless, By Debenhams

Tis the season for parties, dresses, and special occasion bras! Thanksgiving is coming fast in the US an after that are the holiday parties and New Years festivities. That means buying cute party dresses. With a little one at home I don’t plan on going out to party, but I still need a strapless bra. …

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Happy Birthday Gabrielle!

One year ago today I posted about Gabrielle’s birth. It has been my most popular post to date. :)  It’s been a long year, full of some struggles. My baby girl is finally one! This first year has been a challenge in many ways. We had breastfeeding issues due to Insufficient Glandular Tissue, Gabrielle was …

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Guest Post- The other side of Curvy Kate’s discrimination

This is a guest post, we will call the author Ms. R.  I’m sure this post was not easy for Ms. R to write, there for I am enforcing a strict no snark rule for the comments! I reserve the right to remove or not post any comment left on this post! The opinions in this post …

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Curvy Kate Star In a Bra- Why I Can’t Enter & You May Not Be Able To Either

*Disclaimer! This post was very difficult for me to write, for many reasons. It is hard to write a post with moderate emotions when you feel targeted, disrespected, and judged. This post will probably anger some people as well. I can understand that. I am enforcing a strict no snark rule for the comments! I …

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